Woodland Management

Woodland Management for Wood Fuel Supplies

Current energy and environmental issues are on all our minds, the mention of renewable energy is no longer just the concern of the green ones among us.

One answer lies in the sustainable management (coppicing) and replanting of our local indigenous woodlands in harmony with urban and rural society.

Coppice is an ancient woodland industry, mastered in the Tudor era. Sustainable sections of forest were harvested to produce a variety of products, from firewood to battleships. The coppice was regulated by a statute of Henry VIII, which required woods to be enclosed after cutting (to prevent browsing by animals) and 12 standards (mature uncut trees) to be left in each acre and be grown as structural timber.

Traditionally the coppice takes place on a 10-20 year rotation depending on the product needed. Young tree stems are cut down to the stump (stool), which re-grow producing multiple stems called poles. This process is especially beneficial for plant and wildlife as a wide variety of habitats unfold. The sunlight (previously blocked by dominant trees) reaches the woodland floor to release dormant flora such as bluebells and orchids. Trees that are well managed live longer, support local biodiversity and consume more carbon dioxide.

As a leading renewable energy company in the South East, we have spent many years and resources researching and perfecting the potential of using our business as a tool to sympathetically manage indigenous woodlands that would otherwise be left to decay. Our customers' energy bills are helping to improve these beautiful wildlife habitats.

We show the importance of traditional woodland management linked with creating a sustainable wood supply chain. From thinning the woodland to the final delivery of processed timber; we have experimented with every finer detail to ensure a truly low carbon final product that promotes our local natural environment.

England's Natural Heritage

Before the industrial revolution, wood was the main fuel for England. It is estimated that there are 40,000 Hectares of unmanaged woodland in England, in the form of coppice. The traditional use of British woodlands dates back thousands of years to a time when our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. The forests gave food, building materials, firewood and indeed many myths and superstitions evolved from the use of certain tree types.

To keep our local woodlands healthy for generations to come, standard practice of woodland management is to leave wood in the woodland to naturally decay. This process leaves much needed habitats for a variety of insects, birds, animals and plants. Removing this wood is illegal and is the very worst environmental crime.

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