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Wood Log Storage Solutions

We supply and build log stores and wood storage solutions in Essex and London

Our bespoke internal log stores for wood stoves look great in all room settings whether freestanding frames made from steel or oak or integrated into your fireplace design.

Our external wood stacks are designed to hold measured cubic meters of wood logs and are designed as wood drying solar kilns that speed up seasoning times of locally sourced timber.

Log storage plays a very important part of the efficient wood-burning process. If set up properly, a good log store will aid with reducing the cost of fuel and simplify the use of a wood burning stove using locally sourced dry wood.

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Log Storage Solutions

Our research has shown that the best way to monitor how much fuel your wood stove is using is to have a log store where the cubic capacity has been measured. This will act like your energy meter, it doesn't matter what you've been told is on the truck or in the bag, what matters is how full your log store is. For a universal understanding logs should be measured by the cubic meter stacked.

Placement of your log stack in the garden is very important. Choose a sunny spot, south facing if possible, not too far from the main building, thinking about how far you will need to travel to get the logs mid winter. The more sun the log store is subjected to, the quicker the logs will dry, the drier the logs, the more energy they produce and the less smoke they create.

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