Log Sales

Log For Sale in Essex and London

Scarlett Fireplaces log deliveries only come from sustainable local sources.

Wood logs are traditionally sold in many ways, by varied sizes of a netted bag or bulk bag, by the trailer load or by truck, by weight or simply per log, this is confusing to the end-user who wants to understand how much their new wood burning stove is costing to run.

With our log deliveries its not about what it looks like on the truck, we aim to deliver 1m3 or 2m3 of tightly ‘stacked logs’, we only offer this service in Spring giving the logs extra time to dry and therefore give the highest energy with low smoke particle emissions. For the best results, the wood should be stacked into one of our solar drying log store designs.

We go to great efforts to ensure an ethical supply of good wood logs for our customers, in turn, we do not sell our hardwood logs to those who intend to use the fuel on open fires or outside fire pits. This practice of burning wood inefficiently is a waste of the precious energy we've worked hard to source from woodland management projects, creates too many smoke particles and defeats our environmental policies.

If you have missed our Spring deliveries for local wood, kiln dried logs are the only viable choice. We supply small bags of kiln dried logs directly from our showroom or delivered in bulk on a pallet.

Hardwood Logs For Sale

By weight softwood and hardwood have similar energy values. By volume (m3 stacked) hardwood has significantly more energy. The varying moisture contents of wood makes for very expensive water if sold by weight. All types of wood have their place, softwood will burn quickly but hot so is great for lighting or reviving the fire.

We have always advised our customers that the most environmentally friendly way to purchase wood fuel and the first port of call should be their local woodland. We support organisations and councils across Essex who actively undertake and encourage sympathetic sustainable woodland management and understand their duty of care with wood fuel supply.

Local tree surgeons are a good source for timber, however the nature of their work determines the variety, quality and consistency of the logs they supply. Good practice would be to sort the fuel into soft/hard wood and price according to the energy value of that delivered.

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