Fireplace Hearths

Bespoke Fireplace Hearth ideas in Stone, Granite, Slate, metal or Tiles

An important component of any working wood fire is the fireplace hearth.

Bespoke fireplace hearths custom made from slabs of slate, granite, marble, glass, sandstone, limestone, enamelled steel or heavy duty tiles. The hearth must allow for the rigours a real working fireplace is subjected to after prolonged use.

The main aim of a hearth is to ensure combustible floor coverings are protected from falling embers or excessive heat. Scarlett Fireplaces design and create bespoke fireplace hearths on site by our own craftsmen
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Built For Safety

A correct fireplace hearth that meets UK regulations for a wood burning stove (as set out in part J of the building regulations) must ensure that heat and hot embers are not transferred to surrounding combusible materials such as floors and floor coverings. The fireplace hearth must be defined from its surroundings.

The exact specification for a hearth will depend on the chosen wood burning stove instructions. Most modern log burners have been tested to make sure they give off less than 100 degrees downwards. These CE approved stoves will usually allow for a 12.5mm non combustible hearth to be placed directly over a combustible floor such as a timber structure (assuming the structure will take the weight). Where the chosen wood burner does not meet the CE approval, then a 125mm thick constructional hearth must be present to cope with the excessive heat. We always recomend that a hearth extends a minimum of 350mm in front of the stove OR ensure that the stove door does not extend past the hearth when the door is fully opened. In any case the hearth must extend to a minimum of 150mm either side of the wood fired appliance. Most existing fireplaces in older houses will have a constructional hearth present.

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