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Scarlett Fireplaces have been relining chimneys with stainless steel liners for wood burning stoves since 1991. Using our own cherry picker, scaffolding and working at height techniques, we safely access hard to reach chimneys without detriment to the roof and chimney structure.

When using a log burner, the internal chimney flue gas temperature is much lower than with an open fire.

The control of a wood burner allows you to slow the movement of smoke inside the chimney flue. Cooling smoke turns to creosote which can seep into the very structure of an old brick chimney, making it impossible to clean properly and increasing the chance of a chimney fire. As with all types of fuel, carbon monoxide is released when burning wood in a wood stove. Installing a smaller dedicted insulated chimney flue liner for a wood burner ensures that the flue gasses and smoke are kept as hot as possible until it reaches the top of the chimney which reduces soot build up within the flue while giving a more efficient wood fire combustion. We always insulate the brick void around stainless steel liiners for wood burning stoves using vermiculite back fill or insulating flue wrap to ensure the hottest flue gasses possible are achieved. Insulating the liner reduces condensation build up around the flue and noise from the chimney stack, especially in high winds.

Fitting a wood burning appliance to an old brick chimney without relining with an insulated stainless steel flexible liner is very hit and miss and so can be very dangerous. Many HETAS installers will say that a stainless steel liner for a wood stove is only a 'temporary fix' and insulating it is not necessary while hanging the liner from the chimney pot is acceptable and using small 5 inch (125mm) diameter liners is good practice. We strongly disagree and believe that not insulating and not supporting the liner adequately will result in a shoddy installation with a short life while using 5 inch liners will clog with soot much quicker.

Scarlett Fireplaces have been installing chimney liners for wood burners in Essex for over 30 years and our tried and tested installation methods are proven to last a lifetime. Not installing a chimney liner properly is now common practice for most HETAS chimney liner installers in Essex, many choose to take advantage of grey areas in the building regulations and use it to cheapen the process by using half the materials with half the work and skills to produce an installation that will last only a few years. It's a shame that these lazy engineers are creating a 'race to the bottom' and devastating that millions of chimneys across the UK are being left as ticking timebombs.

Scarlett Fireplaces refuse to drop our standards. We insulate our flue liners everytime, we support the liner throughout its entirety and we will not install flue liners under 6 inch (150mm) in diameter.

Get it Done Properly!

Building regulations state that the correct flue lining must be used for the intended appliance and it must be fitted and commissioned by a competent HETAS engineer or building control approval must be obtained. All installations must be certified and registered with your local council.

We have long been considered as the only company capable of tackling all of the challenging architecture of London City, Essex and Kent, offering the complete package for every situation. In many parts of London there are issues with access to chimneys for renovation works. Jason Scarlett started his career as an extreme scaffolder, involved in work from inner London to oil refineries and the Borneo Rainforest. As a result we can work safely at any height and awkwardness whilst enjoying the view!

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