Inglenook Chimney Restoration

Heritage Friendly Inglenook Chimney Restoration in Essex

Inglenook chimneys are commonly found in properties over 250 years old across Essex and Kent.


The large brick chimney flues were designed to move large amounts of dangerous fumes from large open fires that were used for heating and cooking. Scarlett Fireplaces have been sympathetically restoring Inglenook chimneys across Essex and Kent since 1991. 

Brick inglenook chimney structures are of an age whereby they require sympathetic chimney restoration from time to time. We use original clay bricks laid with lime mortar to replicate the original chimney builder's intentions. Replacing original inglenook chimney architectural features to bring these large brick chimneys back to their original state is a very satisfying days work.


Old Age Chimney Technology

Inglenook chimney's are not just beautiful pieces of ancient architecture. The inglenook chimney originally replaced an older method of  venting smoke from a dwelling which consisted of just a hole in the roof. The inglenook not only ensured that any dangerous fumes from a wood fire were safely transported outside but also the clay bricks used in construction acted as thermal mass; retaining the heat from a fire that had died out hours before. Brick inglenook chimneys were a show of wealth and status in years gone by, hence why many of our old Essex brick chimneys are stunning feats of engineering. 

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