Brick Chimney Repairs

Brick Chimney Repairs In Essex and London

Brick chimneys have had a hard life and sometimes need repair work.

Brick chimneys are exposed to the elements, have to cope with extreme heat and endure chemical attack from soot deposits. No wonder then that from time to time chimneys need repairing. Chimneys can be wonderful pieces of architecture, one of our more satisfying day's work is to renovate an old brick chimney, bringing it back to its original state.

Repairing brick chimneys has always been an integral part of Scarlett Fireplace's business. It became apparent to us many years ago that chimneys in Essex and London could not be trusted to accept new wood burning and multi-fuel stoves without chimney repairs including re-building or re-lining the flue. A typical Victorian chimney built around 1890 would have worked hard every winter for at least 70 years before newer types of energy sources took over from the open coal fire.

Modern chimneys usually have their own set of problems that relate to little or no understanding of their correct construction by modern builders, architects, and building inspectors. Contact us for all of your brick chimney repair needs.

How Old is Your Chimney?

Many period brick chimneys in Essex were built by craftsmen who understood the importance of a good sound chimney flue that could cope with the acidic fumes released when burning house coal, however the chimneys still standing in the 21st century are unfit for prolonged use with any type of fireplace. The older chimney structures in Essex and London were originally built using ordinary soft clay bricks and had to regularly cope with temperatures exceeding 600 degrees. In coastal areas the airborne salts attack the exposed brickwork leading to further deterioration. 

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