Brick Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney Rebuilding in Essex, Kent and London

Scarlett Fireplaces are brick chimney rebuild specialists. Brick chimney rebuilds fall into a few categories and each unique situation will require a different approach depending on budget, feasibility and conservation requirements.

Many period chimneys need to be dismantled and rebuilt because the ancient chimney brickwork and structure has deteriorated beyond repair. Where possible, we use original bricks and lime mortar and build to the original chimney detail to satisfy local conservation and English Heritage requirements.

In some cases, the base of the original chimney is still present through the house but the top section has been dismantled or is close to collapsing. In some cases, the chimney remains above the roof but the base, through the house, has been removed. To simply reinstate the chimney with brickwork is not sufficient for safe use, the whole chimney needs to have a new flue liner installed to guarantee continuity of the flue through its entire length.

Replacing Missing Chimneys

Where sections of the chimney are missing through a property, rebuilding the chimney structure to its original design and relining its entire length gives the most favourable results. A different approach would be to reline the remaining sections of old chimney using a stainless steel flexible liner and fill in the missing sections (above or below) using an insulated stainless steel chimney system.

A more frustrating part of our work is to dismantle and rebuild badly built chimneys that were constructed over the past 50 years. These modern brick chimneys should meet basic building regulations that have been in force since 1965. The sad reality is, builders and council building inspectors are still allowing the incorrect construction of chimneys. 9 out of 10 new build chimneys we inspect in our area fail basic requirements.

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